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Foodie Extraordinaire
[Al Viall, Jr.]

Al Viall, Jr.

Hi Everyone, I'm Al Viall. I discovered a passion for cooking many years ago. In fact, with divorced parents, moving around alot, and everyone working all the time, I had to find a way to fend for myself. So I did. At six, I was already sauteing onions to put in my Mac and Cheese and maybe putting bacon crumbles on the same. Through the years, I developed my cooking skills through trial and error, always pushing myself to do better, and never ignoring the passion and joy that I get from cooking a wonderful meal. I wanted to make it so, that I even auditioned for MasterChef Season 4 and most recently MasterChef Season 7. What do I do for a job? Well, it's not cooking. There was a time in my life when an opportunity presented itself, another passion. One for technology and in that day, a new occupation, one in the computer industry. Currently an Enterprise Architect for Oracle Corporation, but in my 25 years in the IT industry I have worked for such illustrious companies such as Cray Research, EDS, Carlson Companies. I make a good living doing what I am doing, but my mind is always looking to that other life. The one I may have had if I had not gone the route that I did, one of a Restauranteur. So, sit back, hang out with me, check out some recipes, some gossip, some blog posts, and even follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see what happens with my inner monologue. "The plate is my canvas, a work of art I shall create!"

Foodie Cartoon
[Al Viall, Jr.]

Al Viall, Jr.

And yes, I get to be a cartoon! It was drawn by my dear friend Ronnie Walter, a well-known illustrator and writer. Asking an artist friend to draw you can be a tricky situation, however since Ronnie knows me so well she nailed it immediately. But of course she has always said I was a bit of a cartoon anyway! You can read more about her at

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